Titan Quest v1.0.17.11 APK

One of the top hack-&-slash games of all time now turns in your pocket!

Titan Quest

Initially out on PC in ‘2006’, “Titan Quest” is an achievement “RPG” set alongside a fabulous background. The Titans have run away from prison & are hell-bent on finishing the Earth. The Gods single-handedly can’t stop them; a hero is wanted to lead this marathon brawl. Success or loss will decide humankind’s destiny & that of the Olympians.

You are hero, make your character, discover earliest cultures like ‘Greece’,’ Egypt’, ‘Babylon’, &  ‘’China”, &  fight beside crowds of famous mortal, master the arts of “archery”, “swordsmanship” or “magic” & update your personality to solve splendid rules! Realize exceptional objects to help you whole your quest: fabulous swords, upsetting thunderbolts, charmed bows, & many more!

Titan Quest APK Features:

•             A original touch-friendly edge

•             High-quality visuals

•             An enormous, exposed world to discover

•             Complete day/night cycle

•             Eighty dissimilar fairy-tale creatures:” Minotaur’s”, “Cyclopses”, “Gorgons”, & much more

•             1200 plus matters to realize

•             Thirty changed personality classes

•             One hundred & fifty changed personality services

•             Huge playtime of more than sixty hours

•             Accessible trouble modes: “weapons” & opponents contest your ability level

•             Dozens of unlock able accomplishments to realize

•             “No ads”, no “in-app purchases”. Full Best experience – Relish the full pleased for one price!

Mixing ancient tradition with non-stop action “Titan Quest” is a typical hack-and -slashes attempt exciting gameplay with a fast, powerful beat. Overcome exciting tasks and conquer the highest opponents ever to occupy the mobile world!

What’s in this version ?

•             Rationalized the sound system to answer the black screen at start & consuming no sound in the game on some “Huawei devices”

•             Small graphics currently also decreases the shades (“might look bad though”)

•             Improved ‘Google Play Games’ login &  agreement handling

•             Totally redesigned “touch-friendly” gameplay